Why is it important to rotate your tires?

In 2019, tires have become more advanced than ever. Rain, snow, whatever the condition you are driving in, there are tires that will ensure safety on the road. Even with all the technological advances at our disposal, we have to make sure that we take care of them to keep us safe.

How often should I rotate my tires?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend about every 7,500 miles. That means your best bet it to have them rotated every oil change, or every other oil change depending on the number of miles in between them. If you have trouble keeping track of the number of miles you have between the last time of your oil change, a good rule of thumb is to rotate them every six months depending on how much you drive in a year.

Why do I have to rotate my tires?

Tires have to be rotated so often to ensure that the tread wears equally. Front wheel drive vehicles wear the tread on the front-half of the vehicles tires because all of the torque from the vehicle comes from the front two wheels. Rear-wheel drive vehicles are not as bad on your front tires, but because the front of vehicle is responsible for turning, it still wears them down.

How do I check the tread on my tires?

A good way to check the tread on your tires is to first examine them. Look at the tires on the front-half of your vehicle and compare them to the back-half of your vehicle. If the front tires look balder then the back tires, then you should definitely have them rotated. Another trick is to take a penny and put it inside the tread on your tire with Lincoln’s head pointed down. If the tire is above Lincoln’s head, then you’re fine, if it isn’t then you should look into getting new tires.

So, before the Winter season hits in full force, stop by Roy’s and have your tires checked! We want you to be safe this Winter.

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