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4 Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money

Picture this – you jump in the car ready to go, and that pesky engine light is on. Should you just leave it? The answer is NO! Below we will tell you why it is important to check it out and regularly maintain your vehicle. Avoid Those Major Problems in the Future Checking in onContinue reading “4 Reasons Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money”

Don’t Do These 3 Things to Keep Your Car from Losing its Value

2020. What a year. This year has thrown everything imaginable at us. What is one thing you don’t want to do? Lose money. In today’s market, vehicles can depreciate in value with ease. Stay clear of these three things to keep your vehicle from depreciating too fast. No Smoking Allowed! Not only do cigarettes smellContinue reading “Don’t Do These 3 Things to Keep Your Car from Losing its Value”

Roy’s Car Wash and Lube Named Top-Rated Service Shop

Roy’s Wash and Lube is being celebrated as a CARFAX Top-Rated Service Shop based on verified reviews from actual customers. The exclusive list of service shops being recognized in the inaugural CARFAX Top-Rated Service Shops received an average of 4.77 stars out of five on CARFAX Car Care (formerly myCARFAX). Established in 1985 by RoyContinue reading “Roy’s Car Wash and Lube Named Top-Rated Service Shop”

Car Maintenance During COVID-19

Currently the world is in an unprecedented time. A lot of you that are currently viewing this article might now have a lot of extra free time on your hands as many other millions of Americans during COVID-19. Many people are resorting to cooking a lot more, cleaning out their attic, and various other tasksContinue reading “Car Maintenance During COVID-19”

Why is Salt Removal So Important?

 A Northeast Ohio can be extremely rough on vehicles. In between the potholes, the deep chill temperatures, and the dangers associated with snow driving, it is important to show vehicles as much attention you can spare during the Winter months. However, one of the most damaging factors during the Winter is the salt that asContinue reading “Why is Salt Removal So Important?”

New Year, New Car Resolutions

New year new me, amirite? 2020 is here and time to make new year’s resolutions. People normally make resolutions for themselves, so why not make them for your car? Continue reading for some potential new year’s resolutions from the Roy’s Wash and Lube team. A Clean Car is a Happy Car! When was the lastContinue reading “New Year, New Car Resolutions”

Why is it important to rotate your tires?

In 2019, tires have become more advanced than ever. Rain, snow, whatever the condition you are driving in, there are tires that will ensure safety on the road. Even with all the technological advances at our disposal, we have to make sure that we take care of them to keep us safe. How often shouldContinue reading “Why is it important to rotate your tires?”

Driving in the Snow: How to Stay Safe

As northeast Ohioans, we all know how treacherous an Ohio Winter can be. As you’re sliding around Alliance this snowy season, here are some helpful tips to stay safe. Stay Home During Bad Weather.   How many people do you know that boast about how well they drive in bad weather? Even if you are oneContinue reading “Driving in the Snow: How to Stay Safe”