Why is Salt Removal So Important?

 A Northeast Ohio can be extremely rough on vehicles. In between the potholes, the deep chill temperatures, and the dangers associated with snow driving, it is important to show vehicles as much attention you can spare during the Winter months. However, one of the most damaging factors during the Winter is the salt that as put on the roads. Keep reading to understand why it is so important to wash it off your vehicle!

Why is Salt Damaging to Your Vehicle?

Rust is one of the most difficult problems to treat on a vehicle. Once it begins on a specific area, it can cost hundreds even thousands to keep it from spreading. Not only does rust not look very appealing on your vehicle’s exterior, it can do quite the number on the undercarriage. Rust beneath your vehicle can cause mechanical issues that could become quite bothersome to your wallet down the road, or even can result in endangering yourself while driving. Salt on your vehicle can accelerate rust tremendously, thus making it very important to wash off.

What Do I Do?

About every snowstorm, the salt trucks are out as soon as they can, covering the roads with salt to ensure driver safety. Unfortunately, that salt doesn’t just stay on the road. During the Winter months it can be crucial to get your vehicle washed as soon as the roads dry up to allow minimal exposure to your vehicle. Salt will still accumulate on your vehicle overtime, making the best practice to make sure your vehicle gets cleaned about once a week.

Won’t That Cost a Fortune?

No! Luckily car washes now are beginning to switch to a subscription-based model of business, allowing for multiple car washes in one month to be possible without breaking the bank. Roy’s has several car wash subscription plans for all buyers. The “Good” “Better” and “Best” include the chassis bath to shield your car from all the damage that salt can cause.

What are you waiting for? Stop in today and sign up to keep your vehicle safe and guarded from any unwanted Winter inconveniences.

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