Car Maintenance During COVID-19

Currently the world is in an unprecedented time. A lot of you that are currently viewing this article might now have a lot of extra free time on your hands as many other millions of Americans during COVID-19. Many people are resorting to cooking a lot more, cleaning out their attic, and various other tasks to keep you busy during this stay-at-home order. Another task to add to the list is to check up on your car’s health.

How much longer do you have until an oil change?

An oil change can be one of the more common forgotten about car maintenance items. Your average individual should change their oil every 3 months or 5,000 miles. Often times however, most common in cars 7+ years old or high mileage, may require some attention before those dates. Certain vehicles have the tendency to burn oil which makes it necessary to keep an eye on your oil level. All you have to do is pop your hood, grab a paper towel, find your oil dipstick, and pull it out to read your car’s current oil level. Sometimes it is necessary to add another quart or top off some of the fluids before your next oil-change and this is the perfect time to do it.

Tire Pressure…

Tire pressure can be one of the easiest things to maintain on your vehicle. Amazon sells tire pressure gauges for as low as $5. All you have to do is press your gauge on to the air nozzle on your tire and pull it off once it gets a reading. Most passenger cars require 32-35 psi, but if you want to make sure with your car, open the door and it should be listed on the inside of your doorway. Sheetz in Alliance has a free air compressor for use. Make sure you wear some gloves and pump them up!

Clean out the junk!

During the excess time you have during COVID-19, now is the perfect time to clean out the excess junk you have in the back of your car. Everyone is a victim to throwing trash in your backseat and cluttering up your vehicle. Take some time to clean it out! If you need to vacuum your car out is well, Roy’s self service area is perfect for that. Make sure you wear some gloves and grab 50 cents, and swing by. The car wash is still open 24/7 during this time.

We hope this helps give you the motivation to give your car a nice check-up. Enjoy 🙂

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