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An Argument for Winter Tires

Winter tires? It’s only fall, why are we mentioning Winter? Good question. As we all know, Winter weather in Ohio comes a lot faster than we all expect. The Roy’s Wash and Lube team wants you to be as safe as possible for the upcoming Winter as 2020 has thrown us enough hardship. Winter tires is how.

“I have all weather tires, isn’t that the same?”

No! Winter tires are a dedicated set of tires for just the Winter. They have a much more aggressive tread, making them, not only safer when it snows, but safer during the Ohio sub-zero temps we’ve faced these past few Winters. Even when there is no snow on the ground, black ice is always lingering.

“Aren’t they expensive?”

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. However, when you put the price of tires next to the price of your insurance deductible or the safety of yourself and/or your family, they do not compare. They can also save you money in the long run – having two sets of tire means less wear and tear on just having one set. The Roy’s Wash and Lube team will do their best to give you the greatest possible price.

“I have all-wheel drive, I’ll be fine!”

As all-wheel drive will ensure that you do not get stuck during the Winter, it does not ensure you will be able to stop. Tests conducted by TireRack has shown that dedicated snow tires can help increase your stopping chances by as much as 35%. That could be the difference between a safe and effective stop or bumping into someone’s rear end.

Don’t wait until it’s to late. Get the jump on your new tires early before the snow starts to fly. Stop in at Roy’s and we can provide you with free tire quotes. Seeya soon!


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