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Your Tires: Are They Ready for Winter?

As all of us Ohioans are all too aware, the start of November means the chilly Winter months are closer than we’d like. Here at the Roy’s Wash and Lube, we want all of our customers to be safe on the road this snowy season. Below are a few ways to make sure your tires are “up to snuff.”

Tire Traction

Every tire is different in the way they are designed and engineered. Some are designed for the heat, some for highway driving, and some specifically for snow. The difference with snow tires is that they have a rougher tread setting that allows them to not only grip the snow easier, but they are made with temperature-withstanding materials that don’t allow them to freeze in the cold months, giving them more traction. Some tires, like all-season tires, are a close second. However, nothing will compare to the real thing.

Tire Tread

Wait, what’s the difference between that and tire traction? Well with tire tread, it doesn’t matter what kind of tire you have, if you no longer have any tread on your tires it may be time to switch them out. Double check them with the penny test. Insert a penny into the tread of the tire, Abraham pointed down, if you cannot see the tip Lincoln’s head, you are in the clear! If you can, stop into Roy’s for a free tire quote.

Tire Inflation

This may be the easiest fix! With every 10 degree drop in temperature, your tires lose 1 psi, meaning that if your tires were properly inflated during the Summer months, they may be dangerously low during Winter. Improper inflation can be a danger not only to your maneuverability and traction but can also affect the vehicle’s gas mileage and tire wear. Check your owner’s manual for proper tire air pressure.

If you have ANY more questions, don’t hesitate to stop by Roy’s and ask the team!


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